(VIDEO): A nuclear nightmare: What if a nuclear bomb strikes Washington DC

(VIDEO): A nuclear nightmare: What if a nuclear bomb strikes Washington DC

WASHINGTON- North Korea and US have been at loggerheads in recent past, with war of words between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un on might of weapons that can be used to attack the countries. There have also been remarks from Russian President Vladimir Putin, suggesting their new nuclear weapons cannot be intercepted and can attack anywhere in the world.

While North Korea has threatened that it can attack anywhere in America, US President Trump has said that he has a bigger button, which can trigger missiles that can decimate North Korea.

But imagine a scenario if a crude nuclear bomb is triggered in the heart of Washington DC. One such scenario has been visualised and presented in the form of a video by the William J Perry Project.

In the video, a woman is shown carrying the bomb in a truck on the streets of Washington DC. She stops her vehicle in the middle of a busy road and triggers the bomb, which explodes with a power of 15 kilotonnes.

The video further mentions that the massive blast leads to more than 80,000 instant deaths. Those killed in the blast include US President, Vice President, Speaker of the House and over 300 members of the US Congress.

According to the assumed scenario, there is no place left in the city to even treat those who suffer injuries in the explosion. Telecommunication facilities in the capital is also not functional. It further talks about a scenario where five more bombs are hidden in five important American cities.

While there’s immediate closure of all shops and services across America, trading in the stock market is also stopped, but not before the benchmark indices slump 70 per cent. The video then talks about the Constitutional crisis faced by the country.

The text at the end of the video says, “This is my nuclear nightmare. Although it is hypothetical, it is based on facts. It is a plausible outcome of the very real dangers we currently face. We can hardly bear to imagine this catastrophic outcome, and yet we must.” WATCH VIDEO-link