Sargodha Shrine tradegy: From faith healer to a killer

Sargodha Shrine tradegy: From faith healer to a killer
Height of ferocity and brutality – few days ago a faith healer killed his 20 disciples in village at Sargodha. According to authorities Abdul Waheed called himself a custodian of shrine. 

The accused in his initial statement, confessed the crime and told that he suspected that those people have poisoned his elder Ali Muhammad two years ago and were trying to repeat the same with him, so he decided to kill all of them in coordination with his aides. 

Shrines are in a spotlight since few months due to terrorist activities by militant groups but this time the custodian of shrine became the cruel killer. CM Punjab has taken notice of this incident, announced monetary benefit for deceased and injured, and summoned the report in 24 hours from IG Punjab.

There is a big question mark on the statement of Abdul Waheed. Was he sure about the alleged poisoning of his elder and if it was the case, then who given him the authority to take revenge on his own? 

According to residents of village, they have heard unusual screams many times before. But I am sure due to the fear of Abdul Waheed no one could report. A number of such cases have been reported in past but fortunately less horrendous than this but irony of our society is that people don’t learn from the experiences of others and law enforcement agencies don’t take up to the mark preventive measures.

Not only LEAs are responsible for this horrible act but those who blindly trust such phony faith healers, those who don’t report events like this in their vicinity, those who are hurdle in exemplary and timely punishment of convicts. 

Disciples of such peers should understand the originality and authenticity of peers instead of blindly following them. We have often seen the malpractices by faith healers in several areas of the country and many of the devotees lost their lives just because of their over credulous behaviors. 

Fake peers are distracting their believers in the name of Islam by doing almost everything against Islam, for personal benefits.

This matter needs thoughtful consideration by everyone. It only we who are indirectly supporting them by not speaking against them. This should be ended because there is nothing important than a human life. 

Let’s see what will happen, either ignorance after notices, condemnations and committees like previous cases or proper follow up until Mantaqi Anjaam.

Author: Dr Nabeel Alvi