PPP responds to MQM-Pakistan white paper

PPP responds to MQM-Pakistan white paper

KARACHI: PPP leaders have said that MQM-Pakistan through its so-called white paper has once again tried to revive the politics of hatred on linguistic grounds in the province.

This was stated by the PPP leaders Jam Khan Shoro, Syed Nasir Shah, Imdad Pitafia and Syed Sardar Shah in a joint statement issued here on Friday.

Foreseeing their defeat and rejection in the forthcoming general elections, the MQM-P is trying to misguide the people of what they termed of the designate-Urban cities by quoting wrong and baseless figures.

PPP does not believe in divide and discrimination on any ground. The composition of Sindh cabinet is the manifestation of PPP's firm belief in equality and unity.

The Sindh cabinet has true representation of women, rural, urban and people of different languages and minorities. The Sindh cabinet members hail from different areas of the province, speak different languages and believe in different faiths but they are our strength and we believe them.

MQM-P Pakistan is talking about Urdu speaking people of designated cities but what about the Urdu speaking people living in rural areas. The PPP always owns them and they own PPP.

MQM-P has said that there is inequitable distribution of resources between rural and Urban Sindh which is totally wrong and misguiding statement. As a matter of fact, the local government has Rs37 billion development budget out of which 65 percent of funds are being utilized in Karachi and 35 percent in the rest of Sindh.

The responsibility of lifting of garbage lies with DMCs. The MQM-P has won three DMCs, Central, Korangi and East. Now eight months have passed but MQM-P chairmen have failed to deliver.

The DMC Central gets Rs160.19m monthly, East Rs100.19m and Korangi Rs120.31 million.

Sindh Solid Waste Management (SSWM) with the consent of DMC South has out-sourced the cleaning, sweeping and lifting of garbage works to a Chinese firm.

The mayor of Karachi instead of serving the city and its people is wasting his energies in negativity. During the last eight-months he has not developed any park, cleansed any Nala nor upgraded fire tender services or enhanced tax recovery or removed encroachment from KMC land.

Sindh government de-silted Gujar Nala, Mahmoodabad Nala, Kalri Piture Nala and removed encroachment from their embankments and handed over to KMC.

Sindh government has launched major development works of Rs10 billion in Karachi. The on-going works are now almost at the completion stage. Another Rs10 billion package would be allocated for the city in the next financial year. The Sindh government is spending Rs12.5 billon on K-IV, a bulk water supply project. The S-III, project is also underway.

MQM has said that Sindh Bank has 17000 employees which is totally wrong instead Sindh Bank has only 2200 employees and they all are competent and professionals and working there on their capabilities.

Since PPP does not believe in linguistic divide, therefore the posting of secretaries is made on merit.

Presently, the top positions in the secretariat are with those seasoned and senior officers who are Urban domiciled, they added.

The white Paper of MQM- P is actually the manifestation of their defeat which they foresee in the forth-coming general election. (APP)