How Afghan Taliban are financing the war in Afghanistan

How Afghan Taliban are financing the war in Afghanistan

According to Tolo News, Mohammad Rustam Raghi, governor of Badakhshan’s Raghistan district, said on Friday the Taliban is make three million AFs per month from the Raghistan Gold Mine and the money gets divided among 30 armed anti-government groups.

“Taliban has divided Raghistan Gold Mine among 30 groups and every group earns 100,000 AFs per month. Taliban then buy weapons with its money,” he said.

Badakhshan provincial council meanwhile told TOLOnews that Badakhshan mines have become a major source of revenue for the Taliban and other armed groups. 

“The Taliban destabilize the places where there are revenue sources in Badakhshan province. If government does not retake the mine, the Taliban will buy more weapons and equipment,” said Abdul Bashir Samim, a member of the council.

Ahmad Faisal Begzad, Badakhshan’s governor, acknowledged that most parts of Raghistan Gold Mine is under Taliban control and stressed they won’t let Taliban access Bickdar Gold Mine, which is also in Raghistan district. 

“Taliban gets gold from Raghistan Gold Mine through sand-cleaning. But Bickdar Gold Mine, which is a big mine, is under government control and we won’t let the insurgents take this mine,” he said.

However, the concerns abound over the security of Bickdar mine, which is also in the Raghistan district. Bickdar is one of the biggest mines in the country.