US is aware of the RAW agent presence in Pakistan: FO Spokesman 

WASHINGTON: US Foreign Office spokesperson Mark Toner claimed that US is aware of the RAW agent presence in Pakistan which was arrested from Balochistan but avoided to comment further.


He said “I am aware of the reports about the arrest, however, I don’t have anything-any details of the arrest.”


He urged India and Pakistan to hold direct talks for the peace in the region.


He said “we encourage them to do so, to engage in direct dialogue that’s aimed at reducing tensions between the two governments and two countries.”


He claimed that US supports all positive efforts which lead to peace and stability in the region.


Mark Toner’s statement came after the day of Pakistan High Commission’s remarks in New Delhi who said that peace process has been suspended between India and Pakistan.


Pak High Commissioner Abdul Basit claimed that arrest of Indian spy from Pakistan shows that India is not interested in composite peace dialogue with Pakistan and want to destabilize the country.


He said “We all are aware of those who seek to create unrest in Pakistan and destabilize the country. They are bound to fail as the people of Pakistan are united to effectively counter anti-Pakistan subversive activities.”