Imran announces to address nation on Pakistan Television


ISLAMABAD: PTI announced that Imran Khan would address nation here at Sunday 10, April on Pakistan Television.


As per details, a letter has been sent to government by PTI, stating that Imran Khan would address nation here at Sunday on PTV while all arrangements should be finalized by government for Imran's address.


PTI argued in its letter that PTV is a national institution that runs by nation’s taxes so every citizen has equal right to express his views on PTV as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.


PTI letter further stated that National Assembly proceeding did not broadcast on PTV regarding Panama Leaks while propaganda of government ministers regarding SKMCH had been broadcasted live so PTI Chairman Imran Khan should be allowed to inform nation over the allegations of ministers.


It is also worthy to mention here that Imran Khan personal secretary Naeem ul Haq held a press conference here at Press Information Department few days ago and it was the first press conference in PID by non-elected member of any political party.