WhatsApp launches new features for users across the World


Over the past few months, WhatsApp has introduced a plethora of new features including Dark Mode, animated stickers, group video calls with more participants, and much more. Now, the ever-reliable team at WAbetainfo has spotted more features coming to the Facebook-owned messaging app. ------------------------------

Vacation mode is one of the features that has been rumored for a while. This feature lets you silence old group chats that you may have archived and it has now been spotted in the latest beta build of WhatsApp.

This feature will prove to be useful for those who don’t want old chats to come back to life out of nowhere. There will be two new settings included with the feature, one that will let you stop notifications and one that will auto-hide inactive chats from the list.

There is no indication for when this feature will arrive for the live version of WhatsApp, but since it is being tested in the beta version, the official release should be close.