Text of the PM Imran Khan address to the nation

Text of the PM Imran Khan address to the nation

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister has appealed the nation including overseas Pakistanis to donate generously for construction of dams.

In a message to the nation broadcast this evening, Prime Minister said dams are vital for country's future generations.

The Prime Minister asked overseas Pakistanis, especially those living in European countries and the United States to contribute at least one thousand dollars in the fund.

Pakistanis working in the Middle East and other countries can also contribute according to their capacity.

He said eight to nine million Pakistanis are living overseas. Their contribution will not only help build dams but also improve the foreign exchange reserves that are at a lower level.

The Prime Minister said if adequate funds become available, these dams could be constructed in a period of five years.

The Prime Minister assured the Pakistanis that he himself will protect the money which will be used for construction of dams.

He said Prime Minister's Fund for Dam would now be part of Chief Justice's fund and both will be merged. He said 1.8 billion rupees have so far been collected in the Chief Justice Fund for Dams.

Imran Khan lauded the Chief Justice for taking initiative for construction of dams which was basically the responsibility of the politicians.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan could face famine like conditions by 2025 if dams are not constructed now.

Prime Minister said water scarcity is the major issue for Pakistan. Giving the statistics of water use, the Prime Minister said each Pakistani received a share of 5600 cubic meters of water in 1947. That share has now shrunk to 1000 cubic meters.

The Prime Minister further said that storage capacity of water in Pakistan is only for thirty days, whereas neighboring India has this capacity for ninety days and Egypt has one thousand days.

According to world standards, the safe capacity level is one hundred and twenty days.

The Prime Minister said dams are vital for storage of water.