PM Imran Khan to address nation today: Sources

PM Imran Khan to address nation today: Sources

*ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan will address the nation from the federal capital today.*

The state-owned television (PTV) has made arrangements to record the address of the premier at the Prime Minister secretariat. His speech will be recorded at 5pm and telecast later this evening.

This will be his second televised address to the nation after assuming the office of the prime minister.

A day earlier, the premier addressed a ceremony at the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi on the occasion of Defence and Martyrs’ Day.

He said the country’s armed forces and intelligence agencies are a source of pride for the nation and all the other institutions could progress if they follow the army’s example.

Remembering the 1965 war with India, Mr Khan said that he was 12 but he and his friends were quite enthusiastic about the defence of the country when they heard about the war.

He said that he was and is against fighting proxy wars and made it clear that Pakistan will not fight anyone else’s war, nor will become part of it.

The PM also said that his government wants a foreign policy which will be in the best interest of Pakistan.