National education policy: ADB makes a good offer to Pakistan

National education policy: ADB makes a good offer to Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - Asian Development Bank has made a big offer to Pakistan for making a uniform education policy across the county.

Vice President (Operations), Asian Development Bank (ADB) Wencai Zhang has offered the ADB support to the Education Ministry in the formulation of national education policy.

“Pakistan should take benefit from the expertise of the ADB, which can provide technical support during the formulation and implementation of the national education policy,” he said in a meeting with Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mahmood in Islamabad. Country Director ADB Xiaohong Yang

Wencai Zhang also informed Shafqat that the ADB was interested in working with Pakistan in skills and capacity development.

“Linkages must be developed among the skill development institutes and the job market so that the students after vocational and technical training can get immediate jobs,” he said.

The education minister appreciated the help and support offer and stated that education and skill development was the main focus of the government.

He said that Pakistan was facing humongous challenge in the field of education. He said the Education Ministry was all set to introduce reforms that comprised of Introducing uniform education and certification system and uniform curriculum throughout the country, improving the quality of education, skill development and vocational training and also to enroll the 25 million out of school children. Another component was to work on the adult education, he said.