Money laundering scam: New stunning revelations surface

Money laundering scam: New stunning revelations surface

KARACHI - New stunning revelations have surfaced in money laundering through fake bank accounts on Saturday.

Another account with transactions worth billion of rupees has been discovered.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) detected a transaction worth Rs1.5 billion rupees in the bank account of a student in Larkana. The money was deposited into the student’s account and later withdrawn. The victim has no knowledge of the transaction but has over Rs300 million in his account.

Last week in a similar case, the FIA unearthed another fake bank account of an unemployed youth from Jhang in Punjab having millions of rupees.

The FIA discovered that an account in a private bank in Karachi contained Rs 173 million, and is owned jobless youth, Asad Ali from Jhang. He was brought to Karachi for questioning but his brother denied that his brother has any association with the bank account.

Earlier the FIA seized the fake bank account of a cart vendor in after finding out that he has more than two billion rupees in a bank account in his name.