Pakistan has a promising future, destiny: Pak Envoy

Pakistan has a promising future, destiny: Pak Envoy

LONDON: Pakistan's Deputy High Commissioner to United Kingdom (UK), Muhammad Ayub has said that with a burgeoning middle class young population, robust democratic institutions and a vibrant civil society, Pakistan has a promising future and destiny.

He stated this while addressing the participants of "Future of Pakistan conference 2018 " here at London School of Economics LSE), the other day.

Muhammad Ayub said that "this years conference not only marks the achievements of another milestone, but also highlights a notable juncture in our country's history that has just witnessed its second successful democratic transition".

He said according to this year's National Human Development Report by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), "Pakistan has the largest generation of young people ever in its history, with about two third of the total population under thirty (30) years of age ".

He said that out of the three key drivers of youth empowerment highlighted in the report, meaningful engagement was one and "today's conference we are doing just that".

The Deputy High Commissioner of Pakistan said that "investing in our youth was therefore of utmost importance and a key priority of our government to capatilise upon this "youth bulge" that would bring dividends and contribute enormously to the prosperity of Pakistan".

"Our government has an ambitious economic reforms agenda to establish a healthy and sustainable economy that works for all", he remarked.

Muhammad Ayub said that social reforms and investment in human development were amongst the key priorities of Pakistan's government.

"With marked improvement in the security situation over the years and rising influx of foreign direct investment, the progress of Pakistan is on an upward trajectory", he said.

"As we continue to make significant strides in the development of our country and discuss the problems that we face back home today, we are committed to building a firm base that will provide a better and brighter tomorrow for our future generations", the Deputy High Commissioner said.

Highlighting the issues of Pakistan, he said that one of the most pressing issues "we face today is water shortage which is the source of life".

For this purpose, he said the Supreme Court and prime minister of Pakistan have taken the initiative to raise funds for the construction of Diamer-Basha and Mohamand dams.

"I therefore encourage our community in Britain and beyond to generously come forward and contribute with an open heart to help us succeed in achieving this endeavour", he remarked.

Highlighting Pakistan and United Kingdom relations, he said that Pakistan and Britain enjoy long standing ties based on mutual trust and shared values with strong bonds of friendship as well as cultural and educational linkages.

He said that academic roots of our leadership with the UK date back to pre-partition times .

He said that it was in this city (London) that the founder of our nation Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was called to the bar at Lincoln's inn .

The Britain, he said had also been an academic destination for former presidents and prime ministers including our incumbent Prime Minister Imran Khan.

"With such credentials, London is indeed the right place for such stimulating conferences and dialogue", he said.

Muhammad Ayub said that the historic relationship between the two countries was marked by a multi-dimensional and strategic partnership that had developed in successive decades.

Britain, he said was also one of the largest trading partner of Pakistan and "we look forward to enhance this partnership".

"We are also desirous of deepening our existing partnership by increasing the bilateral trade volume as the UK prepares to depart from the European Union (EU)", he said.

Muhammad Ayub said that the UK was home to more than 1.5 million British nationals of Pakistani origin adding said that their presence in UK had played a pivotal role in furthering cordial relations between our two countries and encouraged people to people contacts.

British Pakistanis, he said had made enriching contributions to the British multi-cultural mosaic-whether it is the political, business or social domain.

"It is a matter of great pride that the present Mayor of London, and current UK Home Secretary are Pakistan origin.

These are a few amongst many success stories that narrates the journey traversed by our community in the UK", he remarked.