New ISPR production over 1971 partition debacle

New ISPR production over 1971 partition debacle

KARACHI – Pakistani sensational TV star Mikaal Zulfiqar team-ups with gorgeous star Sadia Khan for an upcoming film based on a love story.

Zulfiqar will be playing the role of a Lieutenant Haris in Sherdil and us can’t wait to see this handsome star casting his spell as always.

This production will be a love story set in 1971. Talking to an English daily, Zulfiqar stated that, “This one will be an ISPR production and will be a love story with Sadia Khan and me in the lead. The story of the film is set amongst the background of Dhaka Fall in 1971.”

The film will be based on the fierce war that broke out between East and West Pakistan in 1971, will be directed by anchor-turner-filmmaker Kamran Shahid.

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Sharing details about her next venture Sadia said:” It takes the viewer back to the 70s and shows the struggle of the people,” she further added that, “It managed to intrigue me since it’s very different from what we get to see these days.”

Dramas serial *Diyar-e-Dil *star Mikaal Zulfiqar posted a beautiful selfie on his Instagram account revealing about his future project.