(VIDEO): Two BJP lawmakers in India thrash each other on stage in front of general public


NEW DELHI - Two BJP lawmakers from Uttar Pradesh exchanged blows and hit each other with shoes during an official meeting on Wednesday after a fight over placement of names on foundation stone.

The incident took place in UP's Sant Kabir Nagar in full public view and in the presence of journalists.

The fight broke out after BJP MP Sharad Tripathi asked why his name was not included on the foundation stone for a local road. Rakesh Baghel, one of the MLAs from the district, said it was his decision.

The argument then quickly devolved into obscenities with Baghel daring his opponent to ask the questions "to his shoe".

Soon, Tripathi started bashing the other with his shoe and Baghel responded in kind as well. They were also throwing fists and abusing each other.

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