Karachi wears deserted look on Sunday

 Karachi wears deserted look on Sunday

KARACHI,(APP):A deserted look prevailed in most parts of the megapolis on Sunday as authorities further tightened the lockdown ensuring that relevant rules were equally followed in the residential areas along with downtown.

Provincial government as part of its COVID-19 control approach had decided to impose absolute lockdown during weekend in all cities and towns of Sindh yet a somewhat lukewarm response was noticed on part of many of the Karachiites on Saturday.

Citizens supportive of the government decision had held city administration responsible for the scenario as there was no vigilance mechanism in most of the neighborhoods to see that social cum business activities remained suspected in the truest sense.

They complained that no meaningful efforts were made to ensure shops, other than groceries, pharmacies and stores selling milk / dairy products remain closed across the megapolis.

"I am much relieved to see that law is being implemented and also that a better sense has also finally prevailed among most of the stakeholders," said Dr Khalid Khan, a senior medical practitioner.

Almost no traffic flow was noticed on major thoroughfare across Karachi since Sunday morning, as public transport had already been called off for two consecutive days, whereas residents themselves, unlike yesterday, avoided bringing out their motorcycles and cars on the road.

"They knew that could be challaned as traffic cops were also deputed in areas other than those usually registered being thronged by citizens," said Malka Abbas.

Many of the conscientious inhabitants of the port city talking to APP said concerted and meaningful efforts were urgently required, at every level, to help inculcate civic sense among vast majority of the people who have adopted it as their home.

"We generally lack sense of social responsibility and the concept of mutual respect," commented Dr Haider Abbas, a retired university teacher.

According to him the current situation is painful but there are also all possibilities to convert the same into opportunities whereby people may come together and help themselves turning themselves into a respectable and law abiding community.