Pakistanis most successful at finding jobs in Germany: report

Pakistanis most successful at finding jobs in Germany: report

Pakistanis have been the most successful among all migrants in finding employment in Germany, according to a recent study by Germany's Federal Employment Agency.

The study stated that one in four migrants to have come to Germany since 2015 have since found a job.

Figures from the research institute of the Federal Employment Agency showed that those from Pakistan have been the most successful.

In February 2018, around 40 per cent of Pakistani migrants were employed.

Success rates were also relatively high among migrants from Nigeria and Iran. However, one in five Syrians, who make up the largest group of asylum seekers, managed to find work.

The figures further showed that most migrants take jobs for which they do not need good German language skills and nearly one third are working temporary jobs.

Some 11 per cent are employed in the hospitality and service sectors, for example as cleaners or security guards.

According to federal legislation, German and European Union citizens are given priority in the job market.

While, Non-EU citizens are only granted permission to work certain jobs for which German or EU citizens are not available. The requirement was partially suspended in 2016 to enhance the employment chances for refugees whose asylum applications had been accepted in Germany.