Mahira Khan breaks silence over Reham - Hamza controversy

Mahira Khan breaks silence over Reham - Hamza controversy

ISLAMABAD - The Reham Khan-Hamza Ali Abbasi conflict is getting worse by the day. It all began when Reham accused Abbasi of threatening her since August 2017.

Reham is expected to launch her debut book before the upcoming general elections on July 25.

Hamza took to Twitter on Friday and said that he had the “very unfortunate experience of reading a manuscript of Reham Khan’s book”.

Following this, things got worse and now even Mahira Khan gave her two cents on the feud too.

The PTI Chairman’s former wife Jemima Goldsmith has threatened to sue Reham if her book releases in the UK.

To this, Hamza responded, “In a world full of Gulalies & Rehams… Be like Jemima Khan.”

Mahira commented, “How about – just be like Jemima Khan. Period. Sets a pretty good example for men and women both.”

In February this year, Reham fled from Pakistan after “receiving threats”. Just a day before she left, she revealed that she would soon break her silence on “certain matters”.