Sharif Family on path of Panama Case JIT boycott

Sharif Family on path of Panama Case JIT boycott

LAHORE: It is being predicted that Sharif Family is going for the boycott of the Panama Case joint Investigation Team owing to their strict reservations on the procedures adopted by the JIT members. Earlier Hussain Nawaz, the son of premier Nawaz Sharif had objected to the two members of the JIT.

The Joint Investigation Team is intentionally being made controversial in this regard.

Law Minister Punjab Rana Sanaullah said on Wednesday that the Joint Investigation Team’s report getting marred by controversy can lead to chaos in the country.

The provincial minister was speaking to media in Lahore.

“If a campaign starts against the JIT report then I will be at the forefront,” said Sanaullah.

The minister said that the Sharif family reserves the right to boycott the JIT.

Sanaullah stated that it is the Supreme Court’s responsibility to present a satisfactory answer in relation to the issue of Hussain Nawaz’s picture before the session and the controversial Whatsapp call.

He said after the picture of the PM’s son surfaced, there exists no doubt that the Sharif family is been ridiculed.

He alleged that the witnesses in the case were being pressurised and notice should be taken of the matter.