Pakistan Army eliminate Daesh Headquarter and top Leadership in Pakistan

Pakistan Army eliminate Daesh Headquarter and top Leadership in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: In one of the most difficult and long operation which lasted for over 5 days, supported by the Pakistan Army Special Services Group, Army aviation Helicopters and all other allied Services, at one of the most difficult and unapproachable terrain, Pakistan Army was able to eliminate the invariably ISIS cum Daesh Headquarters in Pakistan.

The kilometers long cave inside the most difficult mountains of Balochistan had housed at least one dozen commanders from all across the Pakistan who had gathered for future planning of the huge terrorists attacks inside Pakistan. 

Pakistani security forces destroyed the headquarters of Islamic State group in the massive offensive conducted against the extremist militia which was being run by commanders from Afghanistan.  

Special commandos participated in the operation to destroy a several kilometer long cave complex being used by militants of the Islamic State and affiliated Lashkar-e-Jhangvi group to plan attacks across Pakistan.

At least a dozen IS commanders were killed and while some others were captured after being forced to surrender in the operation that involved military commandos and personnel from the Frontier Constabulary and local police.   

“It took us some five days to tear down the ‘headquarters of Daesh’ in Mastung, Balochistan,” a senior official privy to this operation confided to this correspondent.  

A secret operation, which was directly overseen by Lt General Amir Riaz, Commander Southern Command, was completed on Tuesday where 11 local commanders of Daesh and LeJ were killed and one of them who was perhaps heading the Sindh chapter of Daesh surrendered. 

The operation was conducted in Marao, Spilonji, Kabo, areas of Dasht, including Koh-e-Maran of Mangicher and Koh-e-Siah, an area further towards Johan of Mangocher in Mastung. 

During the operation, more than a dozen security personnel also sustained injuries, including Lt Col Sajid, Major Faheem and Major Asim.