13 Coal Powered Energy Projects in pipeline in Pakistan

13 Coal Powered Energy Projects in pipeline in Pakistan
ISLAMABAD:  Six power generation projects based on indigenous coal with cumulative capacity of 4290 megawatts and seven projects based on imported coal with cumulative capacity of 5201
megawatts are presently under process at various stages and will be completed in near future.

According to an official of Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) Wednesday, the coal development is accorded strategic importance by the federal and provincial governments.
The federal and provincial governments are working together to provide enabling environment and robust infrastructure that is required for Thar Coal Development, roads, water supply, waste water drainage channel and airport and transmission line.

All power generation projects including those based on indigenous and imported coal are dealt by the Ministry of Water Power and PPIB. The government of Sindh has established a one stop organization and dedicated decision making body namely Thar Coal and Energy Board under the chief executive of the province with
representation from federal and provincial governments to facilitate
fast track development of Thar Coal.

The government of Sindh has been encouraging projects of open pit mining, coal based power generation, underground coal gasification, surface gasification, coal to liquid and briquetting.

Many blocks of Thar Coal field have already been allotted and offered to foreign local investors for integrated mining and power projects. Some of Thar Coal Mining and Power projects are enlisted for China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The commissioning of Thar projects will usher in a new era of energy security for the country and prosperity for the people of Pakistan.