Twitter launches new feature for users across the World

Twitter launches new feature for users across the World

Twitter has shared couple of ideas for new features to ensure the security and account privacy. This would include a unique ‘Privacy check-in’ feature­ that would allow people to be more secure on the platform, including a way to hide their accounts from searches if they are being harassed.

As per details, Twitter's upcoming feature would take users through a series of questions that help them think about how public or private they want to be on the platform.

The feature will be added to twitter’s newer conversation controls options and it will allow user to more easily navigate between public and private tweets or their various accounts.

For instance, users could choose whether everyone can see their tweets or not, who's allowed to send them direct messages, or who can tag them in photos.

For the time being, people can control how others find them using their phone or email.

In addition, users could be alerted to the increase in negative attention if their account is receiving, through a push notification. After the notification, new privacy controls would let them disable the ability for other Twitter users to find them through search.