Religious scholars across the world including Pakistan to meet in Riyadh over Afghanistan War

Religious scholars across the world including Pakistan to meet in Riyadh over Afghanistan War

KABUL - Religious scholars from around the world will come together in Saudi Arabia in the next week to discuss the issues around the Afghan war and peace process, the High Peace Council said Friday.

The council said the meeting will be hosted by Saudi Arabia in Mecca and Jeddah cities next week on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In this meeting, representatives of more than 50 Muslim countries will talk on how they can help in ending the Afghan war and bringing peace to war-torn Afghanistan .

A delegation comprised of 30 members will attend the meeting on behalf of Afghanistan .

“The meeting will be attended by those Muslim scholars who have issued war and Jihad fatwas against Afghanistan . There, they will realize that war among Muslims and issuing fatwa is forbidden,” spokesman of the council, Sayed Ehsan Taheri, said.

Saudi Arabia’s media have reported that in this meeting the religious scholars will condemn all types of insurgency and violent extremism.

“Considering the situation and the US strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia, I believe that US's alignment with Saudi Arabia's foreign policy and the efforts for changing behaviors in Pakistan will have its impact. But I believe it cannot put an end to the presence of insurgent groups in the region,” Kabul University lecturer Fardin Hashimi said.

Religious scholars from Pakistan will also attend the meeting.

“Pakistan is part of this war and Saudi Arabia has a long friendship with Pakistan. Thus, this meeting will have positive impact,” said Waliullah Labib, a religious scholar and university lecturer.

Last month, the imam of Kaaba labeled the Afghan war as brother killing and prayed for peace in Afghanistan .

Before this, religious scholars from Afghanistan , Indonesia and Pakistan after a meeting in Jakarta declared the Afghan war as forbidden under the Islamic law.

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