Pakistan Military's withdrawal from erstwhile FATA

Pakistan Military's withdrawal from erstwhile FATA

PESHAWAR: The Pakistan Army Peshawar corps commander says, “Security forces will be withdrawn from erstwhile Fata within two years.

A limited number of troops will be stationed there to maintain peace and border vigilance,” said Lt Gen Shaheen Mazhar Mehmood while addressing the media in erstwhile Fata on Sunday.

“Troops withdrawal is conditional as it largely depends on peace and stability on the western border,” the corps commander added.

On the fencing issue, Lt Gen Mehmood said, “The only motive behind it is to stop cross border movements and to address the grievances of Kabul, which claims that militants come from across the border.

To stop that, we have started fencing and the national exchequer is bearing the cost.

“We have also started military operations in erstwhile Fata to dismantle terrorist safe havens on our side of the border. We did it at the cost of officers, jawans and civilians as we are committed to peace in the region.”

Lt Gen Mehmood said no more military operations would be carried out in the seven tribal districts as it was time for development and economic revival.

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