Earthquake warning: First ever publicly available App launched

Earthquake warning: First ever publicly available App launched

ISLAMABAD - A first-ever publicly available app has been introduced which issues a warning that an earthquake is expected soon.

Called ShakeAlertLA, the app has been launched in Los Angeles (LA) and it employs mobile technology to warn residents when the US Geological Survey's early-warning sensor network shows that an earthquake of magnitude 5.0 or beyond is about to hit their location.

The warning comes a few seconds before the earthquake . The app is available for both, Apple and Android smartphones and for now, it is only available for State of LA.

While there are many public service agencies across the west coast that utilize the USGS' early warning sensor network to detect earthquakes, it is for first time, the residents have some technology available to receive alerts immediately across the region.

Moreover, existing alerts are too slow. The purpose of early warning is to get people into that safe place before shaking starts instead of once shaking starts.

"If you have a few seconds, you can get under a sturdy table, you can get away from that bookcase, you can move away from hazardous materials, you can move away from the places you are likely to be injured," says a developer.

Notably, countries like Mexico and Japan already have Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) systems put in place. The earthquake-prone LA had decided to join the Club in 2016, announcing a launch date at end of 2018.