21 years old Indian Actress found dead in her Apartment bedroom

21 years old Indian Actress found dead in her Apartment bedroom

MUMBAI - Indian actress Naga Jhansi, the lead star of the serial Pavithra Bandham on MAA TV (now Star MAA) has committed suicide.

She was found dead on Tuesday after she committed suicide at her apartment in Hyderabad, DNA has reported.

News of the 21-year-old actress’ death came to light after her brother Durga Prasad, who stays with her, alerted the police when she didn’t respond to the ringing of the doorbell and other attempts to reach out to her.

The police found her hanging from the ceiling after breaking into her house after the alert.

While not much is known about the reason behind her death, the police have told the media that Jhansi was chatting with a man she grew close to over the last six months, shortly before she took the step.

The youngster is said to have been in a relationship with a distant relative Surya for a while now and even quit her work in movies and serials to be able to eventually settle into married life.

It is being reported that her parents weren’t in approval of the relationship and it is for that reason that she has been distant from them for a while.

The police are looking at the possibility of a failed relationship being the reason for her death.