US Empire is collapsing: US analyst

US Empire is collapsing: US analyst

New York – The US empire days are numbered and the uni-polar world in which Washington sees itself in charge of the planet is changing into a multi-polar world where the US empire is rejected, a US anti-war activist said.

Bruce K. Gagnon Secretary/Coordinator Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that Russia and China are talking of a multi-polar world which means not the traditional unipolar world where the united states sees itself in charge of the planet, and that's a real threat to the United States.

'So Washington understands that they have got to move very quickly before Russia and China and other countries come together around this idea of a multi-polar world,' he said.

So the US is trying to move very quickly to hang on to the empire, but the empire is falling apart, he argued.

At home, the US empire is collapsing so fast, Gagnon said, 'roads and bridges, schools and healthcare, everything is collapsing because virtually all the money is going into the military these days.'

He believes that the US is ruled by greedy, spiritually disconnected people, and the ruling class believes that because they have big bombs and huge military, they bully and force other countries to follow their dictate.

In the meantime, the American anti-war activist described Donald Trump's administration an unsuccessful government that is losing everywhere, from Syria to Iraq and Afghanistan, while China is expanding its influence in Pacific.

Gagnon said that the main reasons of the US loosing everywhere are its arrogance, as well as its desire to wage wars.

'But people around the world are rejecting the US empire,' he said, in favor of multi-lateralism.

'So the days of the US empire is really over, it's just a matter of when it is going to fall and how hard it is going to fall and who it is going to fall on.'

As to the greed of the US on wars, he said that the weapons industry is the number one industrial export product, and the US global strategy to promote the industry is to wage war, he said.

Responding to a question on the Europeans' concerns over the US policies, Gagnon said that Europeans are concerned because of the war with Russia, the way the United States is moving, and also a war with China, the way the US is encircling both countries, Europe is not going to escape it.

'Europe will become a battleground,… and the Europeans are increasingly knowing it, and they see the American leadership is so crazy, so dangerous; they are talking about nuclear war now, and battlefield nuclear weapons,' he said.'

They are figuring out that their existence on this planet will depend on them challenging the United States; something that they have been unwilling to do for so long, the anti-war activist said.

Commenting on Pentagon's decision to increase the US nuclear capabilities, and calling Russia and China as the biggest threats that the US faces, he described it as an 'ongoing part of the US ruling class agenda.'

Commenting on Israel's influence on the US government, he said that Israel does not want Iran to be in the nuclear deal; they want to demonize Iran as much as possible.

When we hear Trump talking about getting out of the deal, he is really mouthing the words of Israel, he said.

It's hypocrisy of the US, Israel and other countries to complain about Iran, who has not any nuclear weapon, while there are a lot of countries that have nuclear weapons.