Record snowfall hits Moscow

Record snowfall hits Moscow

MOSCOW:Freezing rain and heavy snow has killed one person in Moscow and downed over 2,000 trees. Almost half a meter of snow covered the Russian capital within 24 hours — the heaviest amount logged since weather records began. 

The sudden winter storm hit the Russian capital on Sunday, blanketing the city with 43 centimeters (17 inches) of snow within 24 hours. By Monday morning, snow was 55 centimeters thick. The city's famous St. Basil's Cathedral in Red Square was also surrounded by piles of snow. 

Around 100 flights from Moscow were delayed due to the storm on Monday alone, according to a service provided by Russian search engine Yandex. Authorities said that 25 incoming flights were also redirected to other airports since weather conditions turned for the worse. 

The weather also left some 60,000 housholds without power in towns around Moscow, although the power was eventually restored. Snow-cleaning crews were doing double their normal runs through the city as temperatures were expected to plunge once again.APP/AFP