Palestinian killed by Israeli forces in West Bank military operation

Palestinian killed by Israeli forces in West Bank military operation

RAMALLAH:A Palestinian man was killed by Israeli forces on Tuesday in a military operation that targeted several villages located between Jenin and Nablus cities in the north of the West Bank, said deputy governor of West Bank city Jenin Kamal Abu Al-Rob, Xinhua reported.

Palestinian and Israeli sources identified the man as Ahmad Nasr Jarrar.

Jarrar's family said their 19-year-old son was wanted by the Israeli soldiers since the operation, but denied any accusations, saying they have no information.

Israeli security Shin Bet and Border Police's counter terrorism unit known as Yamam said in a statement to journalists that Jarrar came out of a building in Yamoun village with an M-16 rifle and explosives and was shot immediately.

The operation, according to Palestinian sources, lasted all night an until early Tuesday morning, left one house demolished, nearly 30 arrested. Several checkpoints have also been set up around Jenin city and nearby villages.

Tensions have risen since stabbing attack near the Ariel settlement that left one settler dead on Monday afternoon.

Israeli officials identified the assailant of the Monday attack as Palestinian citizen of Israel and a resident of Tel Aviv, Abd Al Karim Assi, 19, who fled the scene towards the same area that Jarrar was found.APP/AFP