After historic bombing by USAF in Afghanistan, Afghan government wants more bombing

After historic bombing by USAF in Afghanistan, Afghan government wants more bombing

KABUL - Afghanistan’s government wants to hold on to the Kabul throne no matter the entire Afghanistan is bombed or destroyed by the US Forces.

The Afghan government has welcomed the US Air Force B-52 airstrikes on Taliban targets in the north of Afghanistan and called for more raids on the resurgent group.

A US Air Force B-52 bomber recently increased its strikes against insurgents in the north of the country after focused air raids in the south.

The latest airstrike of the US B-52 bomber targeted Taliban hideouts, their fighters and stolen Afghan National Army vehicles, according to US forces in Afghanistan.

The airstrike has reportedly targeted Taliban strongholds, training camps and drugs processing centers in bordering areas between Afghanistan’s Badakhshan with Tajikistan and China.

Footage made public shows how the US B-52 bomber targets two narcotics centers of insurgents in Helmand province – in the south of Afghanistan.

“So far during the past two weeks, a heavy casualty toll has been inflicted on their (militants’) personnel and armored vehicles and their safe havens have been destroyed,” Badakhshan Police Chief Abdulkhaliq Aqsai told TOLOnews.

He added: “These airstrikes have been very effective for reducing the fighting morale of the militants and defragmenting their centers and these raids will continue.”

“The drone airplanes and the B52 bombers have proved effective,” said Nusrat Rahimi, deputy spokesman for Ministry of Interior.

The recent move by the US Air Force was the first in the past 14 years in which a B-52 bomber targeted northern and north-eastern parts of Afghanistan.

Jawzjan provincial officials – in the north of Afghanistan – confirmed that a B-52 airplane targeted Daesh centers in which 25 fighters were killed.

Analysts said the B-52 airstrikes targeted areas which are difficult for ground forces to access and areas outside of government’s control.

“The lessons of Air Force mention in their first page that a city can be demolished by these attacks (the B-52 airstrikes), but the area cannot be taken under control unless the soldiers enters there,” said Atiqullah Amarkhail, former commander of Afghan Air Forces.

However, the US Air Force is also active in training the Afghan Air Force.