UAE launches new visa entry system

UAE launches new visa entry system

ISLAMABAD: (APP) The UAE Cabinet, presided over by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, approved an integrated entry visa scheme to attract qualified and highly talented professionals to UAE.

According to Arab news the implementation of the new system would be carried out over a number of phases.

The first phase includes tourism, health and educational visas. The second phase will include talents acquisition in health, scientific, research, technical and cultural fields.

"The new system aims to attract entrepreneurs, pioneers and talented minds in the medical, scientific, research, IT and intellectual sectors," Sheikh Mohammed said.

Sheikh Mohammed called for establishing specialized committees to prioritise the sectors that would benefit from the talent acquisition visa, and to put forward a plan to attract regional and global exceptional talents.

The newly introduced visa scheme provides additional support to vital sectors in UAE such as tourism, health, and education by strengthening their business areas and promotes global competitive edge.

The project is centred on the re-launch of an entry visa programme by categorising them into various groups with specific limits.

Lifestyle, practical policies for financing, and infrastructure are major advantages to attract talents and multinational companies to operate in UAE.

The new advanced system strongly reflects the national value of promoting tolerance, goodness and openness to other countries around the world, while serving as a beacon of prosperity.

The system will also keep records of legal violations, as well as breaches to entry regulations and national residence.

The programme will also seek to raise the competitiveness for participating groups, according to professional work regulations, and empower strategic planning by supporting their decision making and providing future forecasts.

The classification mechanism relies on vital information, including paid capital and asset size, as well as the number and size of agreements made through an "advanced detailed form" that will be stored in a comprehensive information database.

Standards for categorisation will also be introduced for granting specific privileges, as defined by the various limits in the entry visas, as well as any violations of rate margins.

The facilities will be categorised by a smart system divided into Platinum, Green, Yellow and Red, as well as grades that average between A+ to E, while the classification mechanism varies according to the sector.