General Elections 2018 reforms approved by government


ISLAMABAD: Federal government has decided to increase facilities for voters and candidates. For instance, he said, surveillance cameras will be installed at polling stations that have been declared sensitive. 

For the candidates, a mandatory recount will be allowed, but just once. "If a candidate's margin of victory is less than 5% then he or she will have the right to demand a recount," he said.

Moreover, a large number of parties have been enlisted with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), despite them having less supporters, he added. "A minimum number will be set for supporters of each party for them to be listed with ECP."  

The Cabinet meeting also shed light on the participation of women as voters and candidates in the elections. Hamid said it has been decided that at least 5% of the tickets should be given to female candidates. 

For voters, it has been decided that at least 10% of the votes from a constituency should be from women. "This would be done so that there is no presumption that women were barred from voting [in that constituency]." The minister said if it is proven that women were barred from voting then ECP has the authority to declare election in that constituency void.