The great international game of Islamisation in Pakistan

The great international game of Islamisation in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - There’s no pressure within (inside) Pakistan to revoke the country’s blasphemy laws, although foreign governments and media often demand such a change, says Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Muhammad Yousaf while addressing members of the Pakistani-American Press Association at a dinner on 29th Oct 2017.

Israel and Pakistan are the only Two States in the World which are considered to have been established based on Ideological Declarations, Home Land for the Jewish People and The Two Nation Theory. Since Birth of Israel in Modern Nation-State, Pakistan has never recognized Israel and even back in 1930s Quaid e Azam condemned the British-US plans for making of Israel, calling it a “Dagger in Heart of Muslim Arab World” which indeed came out true as we see the events which are unfolding in Middle East today.

It was back in 1648 when the concept of Modern Nation State emerged after the end of 30 years’ war between the Protestant Church backed by Jewish Lobbies and Catholic who exploited Christianity for maintaining power over others. 

The reason why Jewish supported Protestants was because the Roman Catholic actually hated Jews as they believed that it were the Jews behind the assassination of Jesus as we can see in history, it is full of how brutally Roman Catholics have always killed the Jewish people. After the end of 30 years’ war came the Age of Enlightenment, the period of Industrialization in European countries, the Emergence of Jewish Banking Systems, the Rise of Secular States, the Separation of State and Religion & the idea of Liberalism promoted by famous philosophers, John Locke, Jeremy Bentham & Immanuel Kant.  

Pakistan today is constantly blamed for having a dual policy but back in Colonial Period, the duality of European countries was such that they used the notion and idea of Liberalism to have hegemony over other states, they were promoting democracy but in the meantime started colonizing the less developed countries, exploited their resources, enslaved them & made them feel being less superior to that of Europeans or the White race. 

Having understood some of the basic concepts we will try to understand that how in Modern Era same tactics are being applied to somehow separate Pakistan and Islam from each other, the only Ideological State which might become a threat to Western concepts.

Back in 1956, Pakistan was given the name Islamic Republic of Pakistan and later in 1973 Constitution, basis being set in Objective resolution 1949. Soon after independence of Pakistan, Anti-Ahmediyya Riots began to take place, the most well know, Lahore Riot 1953 in which many Ahmediyya were killed & finally Army played her role and quelled the riots after 3 Months of Martial Law declared in Lahore. Later in 1970s a movement called “Tehreek-e-Khatme Nabuwwat” was launched by all religious parties of Pakistan the purpose of which was to declare Ahmediyya as non-Muslims. The Ahmediyya were given full chance to participate and bring their side of claim into Parliament and after series of Debates and not being able to defend their claim, Ahmediyyas were declared non-Muslims by the State of Pakistan.

This was the biggest challenge the Western concept of Nation-State faced from State of Pakistan, which was the interference of State in Religion. The Westerns & their handlers always knew that Ahmediyyas were the biggest supporters of secularism in Pakistan, using the Liberal-Secular Notion a debate was launched in Pakistan that State of Pakistan had no right to declare Ahmediyya non-Muslims, which till date is still a problem in Pakistan & none has ever managed to work out that what greater gameplay is really behind all this notion, that is, it poses a big threat to Western Theories and her concept of Statehood. 

Many Schools, Colleges and even Universities affiliated with Western Educational System in Pakistan, to date preaches students that States have no affair with Religion (as it is a threat to Western concept, Western culture, against Modernism & puts you back to Barbaric thinking). Many teachers in Pakistan are hired by western powers to help inject in students of Pakistan the traditions, culture, social norms & values of West. They are preached to dislike Islam, our Islamic History, our Culture, our Islamic Traditions and Islamic way of life, making many of us accept that in Modern Era Islam has no role. 

These so called Western affiliated schools have been given a task to somewhat inject the ideas of Liberalism and bash our Armed forces on every format (Daughter of Sheri Mazari used abusive language against Armed Forces after they managed to sort things out peacefully) even if they are right, bash them.

Coming to current circumstances, the way events unfold; it seems to be no less than an International Plot to somehow manipulate Islamic Laws on finality of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W which sparked protests in Pakistan and lockdown of Faizabad lead by Khadim Hussain Rizwi. It seems like the changing of Election Bill clause from Solemnly Swear to I believe was none the less done on International Pressure, but by who, that remains to be seen.

The Plot as I see was to bring Pakistan Army in front of Protester and make them confront each other, which would cause bloodshed in Pakistan helping the Westerns fulfill Multiple Purposes in the same time, Destabilizing Pakistan & portraying Pakistan as an Islamic Extremist State, which is Dominated by Religious Fanatics, but Interestingly, Pakistan Army and Intelligence of Pakistan foiled out this International Plot and finally resolved the issue peacefully, at least this is what I see after the rage which can be seen in Western backed Liberals against Pakistan Army for sending back Protesters Peacefully.

Written by: Hamza Amir Syed