Reham Khan bullied on the streets of London

Reham Khan bullied on the streets of London

LONDON - A video of a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)female supporter bullying Reham Khan has surfaced.

The video starts with the PTI female supporter asking Reham if she will join Ayesha Gulalai’s party but before Reham could finish answering the question, the supporter lambastes her with more questions, asking if she is jealous of Bushra Bibi.

“You have the same mentality as Gulalai,” the female supporter continues her tirade against Reham.

The female supporter also criticises Reham Khan’s son, Sahir Khan, for apparently looking at the woman as if he is “planning to murder her”. To which, Reham replies that you are being rude to her mother that’s why he is looking at you like that.

Reham could be seen trying to calm down the woman throughout the video.