PTI Chief vows to promote merit

PTI Chief vows to promote merit

ISLAMABAD: PTI Chief Imran Khan has said he will take every decision on merit and in the best interest of the nation.

He was addressing PTI parliamentary party, after his nomination as party candidate for the office of Prime Minisster in Islamabad this afternoon.

Imran Khan said he will introduce "PM-Question Hour" in the parliament on the pattern of the United Kingdom, where he will answer to lawmakers' questions every week.

He said ministers will also be made answerable to the parliament in real sense.

The PTI Chief said he will not demand antything from his party members, which he himself cannot do. He urged the parliamentary party to adopt austerity measures to save nation's wealth, which will be spent on people's welfare.

Imran Khan said the people of Pakistan have rejected the two-party system this time again after 1970s. He said people have voted for change and they do not expect traditional politics from PTI. He said the nation will be watchful of your actions and respond accordingly. He said people will not spare us if we turn to traditional politics.

He urged the lawmakers to fulfill people's expectations and Allah Almighty will give you honor and respect. He said people want parliament to make laws for them and we will have to fulffill this through unity, coordination, and teamwork. They expect from you to frame policies for them, he said.

Imran Khan said today PTI is facing a very weak opposition on moral grounds as their ranks and files pursue contrary ideologies.