Orange Line Metro train project Lahore inauguration revealed

Orange Line Metro train project Lahore inauguration revealed

LAHORE - The Orange Line Metro Train is reported to be operational by the end of September as 85 per cent of work on the multi-billion project has been completed.

It was reported by a local media outlet link that despite the inauguration of the train’s test run by former Punjab chief minister Shehbaz Sharif in May, the train could not be fully operational as work was still being completed on different sites. Moreover, it was reported that the work is likely to be completed soon and no further delays are expected.

Officials quoted in the report stated that “in order to meet the target the contractors have deployed additional workforce on different parts of 27.1km (cut and cover section: 1.72km, elevated: 25.4km) long track”.

According to details, the progress of civil work on package-I from Dera Gujjaran, GT Road to Chouburji was 97 per cent and on package-II from Chouburji to Ali Town was more than 95 per cent. Work on Depot near Dera Gujjaran and Stabling Yard near Ali Town is almost complete.

In addition to that, 90 per cent of electrical and mechanical work on the project is complete. Also, 85 per cent of work on metallic track as well as the installation of electrical and mechanical equipment is complete.

Officials quoted in the report said that “five coaches are attached with each train, which holds the capacity to transport 1,000 passengers in one trip. More than 27,000 passengers will be able to travel on 27 metro trains in one trip. One train is set to make 10 trips in a day and hence relying upon the official claims it is estimated that more than 250,000 passengers will travel daily through metro trains when they will fully start their operation in the city of more than 11 million people”.