How to activate secret WhatsApp camera?

How to activate secret WhatsApp camera?

WhatsApp link is the most used app by Internet users, because thanks to it, people can communicate or become closer to each other with ease. That is why, over time, this application has evolved and thus become more dynamic for all those who use it, however, not everyone has explored all its functions, a clear example is the *secret camera link*.

In the case of the secret chamber, users can share their photos or videos of some relevant event in their life without going directly to the application, since that takes a lot of time, so they can do it through a direct access without having to be inside WhatsApp link, which makes it more dynamic, since you can select all those shots, instead of sending them one by one.

In order to access the secret camera link of WhatsApp link, you can do it in two ways, the first can be from anywhere on your home screen, hold down a point until the Widget icon appears, select it, then several icons will appear, look for the WhatsApp link and press it until the WhatsApp link camera option appears and when you touch it, the start of your cell phone will appear as a direct access to your application.

The second option is that you must directly press the WhatsApp< icon /strong> until Widgets appears and continue the same procedure. If you cannot do it, it is because you need to update WhatsApp link to a more recent version, once this is done it can be done without any problem.

To facilitate the use of applications such as WhatsApp link, it is important to explore them in detail, since you will be able to find several tools that will facilitate communication with your loved ones, what is more, you could even share them.

This case of the hidden camera of WhatsApp link will help you share a series of images or videos, without having to enter the application, which is a hack that will take away a lot of wasted time which takes less time than entering the application and selecting the sequences. *– link*