Good news for the Pakistani cricket fans

Good news for the Pakistani cricket fans

PCB has decided to end COVID-19 protocols for the upcoming home series against West Indies. According to new rules, frequent COVID-19 testing will not be done and players will not have to stay within the bio-secure bubble.

Two years ago, when the world was hit by the pandemic, massive changes were seen on the field of cricket. From regular testing for the viral disease to isolating within the bio-secure bubble, players had a lot to face in order to continue playing cricket around the world.

With the situation gradually improving, the cricket world is returning to normal functioning and PCB has taken a major step towards it. PCB has decided to avoid the previously mandatory quarantine of 5 days as well as the testing that was to be done every other day.

In the upcoming home series against West Indies, the visitors will not be tested for COVID-19 on arrival and tests will only be done upon noticing any symptoms. Moreover, the restrictions of the bio-secure bubble are to be removed as well.

West Indies will tour Pakistan in June for 3 ODI matches.

*Via Cricket Pakistan link*