Pakistan Foreign Minister warns India

Pakistan Foreign Minister warns India

MULTAN: Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Sunday said they had reliable intelligence that India could launch aggression again against the motherland between April 16 to 20 but Pakistan was ready to defend. Addressing a press conference, he said India was planning an aggressive move against Pakistan.

As per wishes of the nation and international laws, Pakistan would respond effectively, he added.

Following the incident of Pulwama, Modi government created war hysteria and tried to damage peace of the region, he said and added, Modi had put peace of the region in jeopardy for his political gains.

Qureshi said Pakistan always behaved like a responsible state but India’s behaviour was irresponsible always, adding, recently Modi chaired a meeting of cabinet committee on security in which the heads of Indian forces sought permission for aggression against Pakistan and Modi gave them freehand.

Pakistan always talked about de-escalation but India tried to escalate, he said. India could attack military targets, he said and added that Pakistan was drawing attention of the international community on the expected aggression by India.

Qureshi said India could stage Pulwama-like incident again to justify its misadvanture against Pakistan.

If India would attack, think what would be its impacts in the region, he said.

The FM said Foreign Office had shared concerns with diplomats of P-5 countries. Pakistan wanted that the international community should take notice of Indian irresponsible attitude and refrain it from damaging peace of the region.