F 16 Naswar packet: Indian media finds the evidence of shooting down Pakistani fighter jet

F 16 Naswar packet: Indian media finds the evidence of shooting down Pakistani fighter jet

*ISLAMABAD - In a bid to prove Indian claims that its air force shot down a Pakistan F-16 aircraft on February 27, Indian media has made itself a laughing stock by presenting wrapper of ‘F-16 Naswar‘ as an evidence in support of a claim not being acknowledged by any aviation or defense expert. *

Zee News in India recently broadcast a short clip in which some soldiers can be seen loading wreckage of an aircraft in a truck.

The channel claims that its Pakistani soldiers who were trying to remove the debris from the site so that people don’t get the wind of it.

But here’s when things get interesting. The channel tries to prove that its a Pakistan F-16 aircraft by showing a wrapper of *naswar* of F-16 brand.

The channel claims that the wrapper was found at the site of the wreckage, hence it proved that it was Pakistani F-16 aircraft and the video was from Pakistan.

*Naswar* is a common drug made out of powdered tobacco and is widely used in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

It is sold under various weird brand names which are often crafted to catch people’s attention, such as F-16, is a fighter aircraft used by various air forces including Pakistan.

The TV channel’s ‘proof’ in support of India’s claim brought nothing but laughs even from its own citizens.

One Indian citizen tweeted that the next thing in this episode will be the packet of Mirage-2000 tobacco. link [image: View image on Twitter] link: View image on Twitter] link

link Kamlesh Singh ✔@kamleshksingh link link

A news channel ran F-16 brand naswar packet in its conflict coverage. Next will be the tobacco packet for Mirage 2000 fighters. #Mirage2000 link

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The Dassault Mirage-2000 is another fighter aircraft which is often considered to be the rival of Lockheed Martin’s F-16.

Even Bollywood actress Preity Zinta wasn’t spared by savage twitteratis, who schooled her when she claimed that an Indian Mig-21 had shot down a Pakistani F-16.

A Pakistani tweep responded to Zinta with the picture of F-16 *naswar* wrapper that Indian media had shown as proof, lying side by side a ‘Bombay’ sweet betelnuts.