Trump threatens further $100bn in tariffs against China

Trump threatens further $100bn in tariffs against China

WASHINGTON:US President Donald Trump has instructed Officials to consider a further One Hundred Billion Dollars of tariffs against China, in an escalation of a Tense Trade stand-off.

These would be in addition to the 50 Billion Dollar worth of US tariffs already proposed on hundreds of Chinese Imports.

China's Ministry of Commerce responded, saying China would "not hesitate to pay any Price" to defend its interests.

The latest us proposal came after China threatened tariffs on 106 key US Products.

In response to Trump's latest Announcement, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said china and the US as two World Powers should treat each other on a basis of equality and with respect.

Ministry of Commerce Spokesman Gao Feng said that if the US side ignores opposition from China and the International Community and Insists on "Unilateralist and Protectionist acts," then china will "not hesitate to pay any price, and will definitely strike back resolutely to defend the interests of the Country and its people.