Pak-US relations: Fatemi calls for strengthening bilateral ties

Pak-US relations: Fatemi calls for strengthening bilateral ties

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs, Syed Tariq Fatemi , Friday terming Pakistan's relations with new American Administration as warm and cordial said that both sides were keen to build a strong and mutually beneficial relationship to promote common interests and shared goals.

According to a revised statement of the foreign office issued here, he stated this to a group of former senior US officials and experts on South Asia, including Ambassador Robin Raphel, Ambassador Richard Boucher, Ms. Tricia Bacon, David Smith and Michael Kugelman who called on him here.

The Group is visiting Islamabad to participate in the second round of US-Pakistan Bilateral Dialogue, organized by the Regional Peace Institute in Islamabad.

In welcoming the dialogue participants from the US, the SAPM thanked them for their contributions in promoting understanding and cooperation between Pakistan and the US.

He highlighted the need for continuous dialogue and communication between the two countries in view of the importance of the relationship for both, as well as for promoting peace and security in the region.

All such dialogue opportunities, the SAPM stressed, provided a good opportunity to bridge the gap in perceptions in Washington on Pakistan and its policies and the changing realities on the ground.

Reaffirming Pakistan's commitment to a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with the US, the SAPM noted that the exchanges so far with the new Administration have been warm and cordial.

The SAPM also briefed the US visitors on the important gains made by Pakistan in fighting terrorism, duly manifested in the improved security situation in Pakistan.

The upbeat assessments on Pakistan's economic performance and prospects by international agencies and institutions and growing investor interest and confidence in Pakistan, he stressed, was a reflection of sound economic policies pursued by the government, over the past four years.

The dialogue participants from Pakistan including Raoof Hassan, CEO, Regional Peace Institute, Ishfaq Hasan Khan, former Adviser on Finance, and Ambassador Mohammad Sadiq also joined the delegation at the lunch hosted by the SAPM following the call.

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