ECP makes efforts to implement laws in true spirit

ECP makes efforts to implement laws in true spirit

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Friday said that concrete steps have been taken to implement the existing laws in its true spirit.

According to ECP, the commission was also making efforts to improve its organizational capacity for effective implementation of these laws.

It said that any political party will not be eligible for any future elections till it complies with the Political Parties Order 2002 with regard to eligibility of allotment of election symbols.

The commission said that this law is binding on all the political parties without any discrimination.

It said that as a process of reforms in the system, the ECP has set-up a separate Directorate of Political Finance to scrutinize such statements submitted by the MPs, political parties and monitor the campaign expenditure as per law.

The directorate prepared a comprehensive SOPs for its job which was approved by the commission. After approval of the SOPs, the Directorate started scrutiny of the statements of assets and liabilities from NA-1 Peshawar-1 and has so far scrutinized statements of 320 MNAs.

It added notices have been issued to 78 MNAs where variations of material particular were found in their statements. Statements of 41 MNAs were found correct in the statements and no notices were issued while rest of the statements are in process.

It said that the newly raised monitoring wing of the ECP is busy in monitoring of the election activities during the bye-elections particularly the campaign and implementation of code of conduct.

It added 30 notices were issued to different personalities and officials during bye-elections.

It said that contracts for purchase of 185 Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and 100 Biomatric Voting Machines (BVMs) have been signed and purchase order has been issued after fulfilling the codal formalities.

It added the machines will be available during June 2017, which would be used for tests in the future bye-elections as per the instructions of the parliamentary committee on electoral reforms.

It said that the performance of these machines and challenges like training, logistic, data, integration, system support and mass awareness on the use of these machines and data security will be consolidated and shared with the parliament and stakeholders for informed decision making on use of this technology in future elections.

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