Opposition leader rejects judicial commission on Panama Leaks


ISLAMABAD: Opposition leader in National Assembly Khurshid Shah rejected judicial commission to investigate in Panama Leaks and demanded audit of Panama papers through international companies.


While addressing the session of parliament, he said that over 200 Pakistanis were mentioned in Panama  Leaks and it has become an international issue. Talking about PM address to nation, he stated that it was unnecessary decision of PM Nawaz to address nation as it has raised many questions.


Panama Leaks is an important national issue as it must audit through international companies, Khurshid Shah said adding that Hussain Nawaz has confessed that he made off-shore companies for the evasion of tax.


If rulers’ family members are running their business  abroad then how can government motivate others for investment in Pakistan, Opposition leader further added saying that it has become a serious issue now government should deal with the matter cautiously.


Rejecting the judicial commission of PM Nawaz, he made it clear that no one would accept judicial commission because it could not complete its investigation even in three years.