Indian troops martyr two Kashmiris in IOK

SRINAGAR: Indian Troops martyred two Kashmiris in latest brutal act of state terrorism in Sophian district in Indian Occupied Kashmir.


Thousands of people hold massive protest against Indian troops in Sophian and Pulwama district.


Angered people put several military vehicles on fire and clashes between both parties also reported.


People hoisted Pakistan flag and chanted slogans in favour of Pakistan.


Police claimed that they were militants and killed during a gun battle.


Kashmiris are suffering from Indian brutality which has killed more than 68,000 Kashmiris since 1947.


Pakistan and India both claim for Kashmir territory and two wars have been fought for the control.


Kashmiris are fighting since 1989 which claim for independence or merger with Pakistan.


India claimed that Pakistan is helping militants in IOK but Pakistan believes on peaceful solution of Kashmir with dialogues and always raised voice on international platform.