Pakistan, US agree to enhance bilateral ties for peace and prosperity in region & world: FM

Pakistan, US agree to enhance bilateral ties for peace and prosperity in region & world: FM

Pakistan and the United States have agreed to move forward in their relations for peace and prosperity of the region and world.

Addressing media in Islamabad today, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said during meeting with US Secretary of State today we presented realistic stance of Pakistan with responsibility, seriousness and honorably.

He said the meeting was held in a pleasant environment and any perception of coldness is wrong. He said the US delegation extended an invitation to him to visit the US.

He said during his visit to New York for UN General Assembly session, he will also call on the US Secretary of State to hold talks.

The Foreign Minister said it is clear that the US has reconsidered its policy with Pakistan and has not demanded anything from Islamabad. 

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan has been saying for years that there is no military solution to Afghan conflict and only way to resolve issues is through talks. He said the US delegation gave an indication of the willingness to hold direct talks with Taliban.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said another indication that came out in the meeting is that the US does not want to stay in Afghanistan for long.

He said we told the US delegation frankly that progression in relations should be based on candid and clear things. He said we presented our expectation and concerns in a good way to the visiting delegation.

He said Secretary Pompeo was informed about the objectives of and people's expectations from newly elected PTI government.

Our objective is peace, stability, regional connectivity and economic development and our foreign policy will assist to move this agenda forward. 

He said the new government will revise the previous policies and in that context, a positive approach will be used in dealing with our regional neighbors.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi Pakistan wants good neighborly relations with Afghanistan and he will embark on first foreign visit to Kabul to further these ties.

He said the development and prosperity of the region is linked with peace in Afghanistan.




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