A moment when Virat Kohli begged the match referee

A moment when Virat Kohli begged the match referee

NEW DELHI - Indian captain Virat Kohli has made an interesting revelation with regards to the infamous 2012 Test against Australia in Sydney.

Playing under Mahendra Singh Dhoni at that time, Kohli was well on his way to becoming the world's best batsmen. The Aussies knew that and often had a go at the hot-headed Delhi lad in that series, DNA has reported.

Kohli has now revealed how he might've gone overboard when he decided to flip the finger at the Australian supporters in the stands.

"The one thing I remember most is when I’d had enough of the Australian crowd at Sydney (in 2012) and I just decided to flick a (middle) finger at them,” he was quoted as saying by Wisden Cricket Monthly.

“The match referee (Ranjan Madugalle) called me to his room the next day and I’m like, ‘What’s wrong?’ He said, ‘What happened at the boundary yesterday?’ I said, ‘Nothing, it was a bit of banter’. Then he threw the newspaper in front of me and there was this big image of me flicking on the front page and I said, ‘I’m so sorry, please don’t ban me!’ I got away with that one. He was a nice guy, he understood I was young and these things happen,” he said.

Kohli says he often laughs remembering some of the things he did as a youngster but doesn't have any regrets. “I really laugh at a lot of the things I did when I was younger but I’m proud that I did not change my ways because I was always going to be who I am and not change for the world or for anyone else. I was pretty happy with who I was," he says.