PM Imran Khan presides high level meeting in Islamabad

PM Imran Khan presides high level meeting in Islamabad

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said the government would make all possible efforts to meet the needs of the poor and destitute people.

Presiding over a meeting in Islamabad, he said laborers and helpless people staying in Shelter Homes, should be served in a manner to ensure protection of their self-esteem.

Expressing satisfaction over the establishment of model shelters in the federal capital and the standard of facilities provided in them, the Prime Minister said it is responsibility of the state to fulfill needs of the helpless and vulnerable and the government will leave no stone unturned to meet this requirement.

Imran Khan said philanthropists will be encouraged for the establishment of standard shelters and expansion of their network.

He also, in principle, approved amending the Bait-ul-Maal law for the establishment of the network of shelter homes on permanent basis.

SAPM Dr Sania Nishtar briefed the prime minister in detail about the up-gradation of five shelter homes established in the Federal Capital and the best facilities being provided therein to the poor labourers and other deserving people.

She told the prime minister that the data of people staying in shelter homes was updated on daily basis so that it was not only utilized for improving the service, but also shared with those participating in the government’s efforts towards that noble cause.