Mushaal Malik lashes out at Indian Army  

Mushaal Malik lashes out at Indian Army  

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Mushaal Yaseen Malik, wife of Hurriyat leader Yaseen Malik Thursday said human rights violations and atrocities in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) crossed the figures of Srilanka and Chechnya but international community was just a silent spectator.

She was addressing a seminar on `Human Rights Atrocities in Kashmir-Plight of Kashmiri Women' organized by Women Parliamentary Caucus at Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Studies.

She said Indian security forces were brutally killing innocent Kashmiris even the drivers of ambulances, stopped the supply of basic necessities of life including food, water, electricity, medical assistance to refrain residents of the valley from their just cause of holding free and fair plebiscite.

Mushaal Malik informed that including her husband, Yaseen Malik who was a political leader, more than 5000 people were imprisoned by the Indian forces and were continuously tortured without any evidence.

She informed that her husband was a political prisoner not a terrorist but he was detained in a army investigation cell rather than in a jail.

Yaseen Malik was a heart patient and using life saving drugs but no medication was being provided to him despite his day by day deteriorating condition, she added.

Doctors have advised to shift Yasin Malik immediately to Intensive Care Unit but Indian army has kept him in torture cell putting his life on stake.

She said that she had also wrote a letter to United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki Mon regarding her husband's condition and requested him that the plight of Kashmiri prisoners should be considered seriously who were just fighting a freedom movement for implementation of UN resolution on Kashmir issue.

The martyrdom of Burhan Wani, she said, had invoked high spirit among the Kashmiris to get their fundamental rights to self determination.

Indian forces, she said, were treating innocent unarmed Kashmiris like terrorists, who were just demanding holding of a free and fair plebiscite according to the UN resolutions which were adopted on the request of Nehru.

Mushaal said that Indian politicians and media persons were continuously issuing provoking statements to hide the real situation of Kashmir from the world.

"Kashmiris will sacrifice their lives but will never seek mercy from the Indian forces," she added.

Kashmiris, she said, were not afraid of the tactics of Indian armed forces and would continue their fight till achieving their goal of holding a free and just plebiscite in the valley.

She said Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in his UN General Assembly address had exposed the real face of India before the world.

Pakistan had always supported Kashmiris diplomatically, politically and morally while India played the Uri drama itself to hide its brutalities in IHK, she added.

Secretary Women Parliamentary Caucus, Shaista Pervaiz Malik said it was obligatory for us to play role in individual capacity to support the freedom movement of Kashmiri people.

Highlighting the historical background of Kashmir issue, she said, during partitions such issues rise among states but civilized nations resolve them through dialogue on table, adding that unfortunately India had crossed all the limits.

Now around 6,00,000 Indian para military and security forces are deputed in Kashmiris to crush their protest through force but the movement is in hands of youth who are ready to sacrifice everything to secure their fundamental right of freedom.

She expressed her dismay over Indian policy makers for not understanding the feelings of residents of the occupied valley.

She urged the Amnesty International and other international Human Rights organizations to show reaction on HR violations in IHK.