Fake Surgical Strike: PM Modi troubles increasing

Fake Surgical Strike: PM Modi troubles increasing

NEW DEHLI : Fake surgical strike issue created by the Modi government is bouncing back as more and more inner voices are being raised by the opposition politicians regarding the authenticity of the surgical strikes.

Fake Surgical Strike: US State Department response

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directed his cabinet members not to say anything regarding the surgical strikes; however only authorized people will be allowed to speak about them.

It is pertinent to mention here that opposition parties have started demanding proofs of the surgical strikes from the government.

Surgical Strike was planned drama by Indian intelligence agencies: Defence Minister

Modi government stumbled badly when Congress member and former home minister P Chidambaram and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal asked for the evidences.

Modi Sarkar troubles are increasing on the issue of surgical strikes as both national and international media have also raised questions about the authenticity of the surgical strike claims from the government and the Indian Army.