Indian Army Chief once again hits out at Pakistan

Indian Army Chief once again hits out at Pakistan

NEW DELHI - Indian Army Chief General Bipan Rawat on Sunday has once again spoken against Pakistan and has accused the neighbouring country for ‘trying to disrupt the atmosphere’ in India.

The Indian Army chief had earlier said that attempts were being made to ‘revive insurgency’ and that people needed to be careful during the ongoing festival season to prevent ‘anti-national’ forces from succeeding in their nefarious designs.

The general once again accused Pakistan to vitigate atmosphere in India claiming that India was ‘progressing’ and that made other countries jealous.

The general’s comments once again raise tensions between the two neighbours and, like his earlier statements, there was no proof of what the Indian Army chief had claimed.

Earlier, Pakistan had asked India to hold a meeting on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). An Indian spokesperson said, “This is not a resumption of dialogue. They asked for a meeting, we said yes.”

India had then cancelled the meeting between the foreign ministers over the alleged ‘killing’ of Indian soldiers and the release of a series of ‘controversial’ postal stamps. Pakistani government had said that the incidents that were the basis of cancelling the meeting happened a long time before the agreement and Pakistan had no hand in either of the events.